Strategic Incentives for Innovations and Market ...

We combine agency theory with product market competition to study the strategic properties of rivals’

Incentive contracts under product market competition and

In a multi-agent framework, the monotone likelihood ratio property (MLRP) and the convexity of the distribution


symmetric. Unlike Gutman and Yekouel (2002) and Fishman (2005), the ratio of consumers to firms does not play


We assume that the Monotone Likelihood Ratio Property applies. This property basically so crucial Monotone Likelihood Ratio Property is not always necessary in our model to reach


Abstracts: Experimentation, full revelation, and the monotone likelihood ratio property. Is more data better?

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... restrictions: the Monotone Likelihood Ratio Property and that the distribution function be convex in effort. It is usually claimed that such conditions are very restrictive, as very few of the standard ...

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Keywords: Monotone Likelihood Ratio Property, Convex Distribution Function Condition, incentive contract, first-order approach, moral hazard JEL classification: D3, D8

22 November 2005. Eric Rasmusen, ...

... case Smith knows the information prior to contracting— or post-contractual hidden knowledge (also called moral hazard with hidden information)—in which case Smith will learn it after contracting.

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An endogenous hold-up problem arises. signal about the agent’s productivity. by the principal, c(m. The optimal communication strategy follows a threshold rule.

Relational contracts with subjective peer evaluations

... may alleviate moral hazard even in the absence of court-enforceable contracts (see Malcomson, 2013, for a survey). More recently, some authors have focused on private or subjective evaluations (Levin ...


exists, and we assume that the conditional distribution of the second period human capital satisfies the Monotone Likelihood Ratio Property:
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